Appellate Practice Group

An appeal is often necessary to bring an end to a case and to achieve the right result. Trial courts must resolve large volumes of cases quickly, making it difficult to decide legal issues correctly. By comparison, appellate courts handle much smaller caseloads over a longer period of time, and are able to focus on select issues. These courts also consider the impact their decision will have on your case as well as cases that arise in the future.

At Sowell Gray Robinson, our lawyers have the knowledge and experience to determine which issues should be raised on appeal and how to best present those issues in writing and oral argument. Many of Sowell Gray Robinson’s lawyers are former state and federal appellate court law clerks who understand how to craft written arguments that resonate with appellate judges. Words are weapons of the law, and a well written brief or oral argument can make a difference.

At Sowell Gray Robinson we handle all matters pending in federal and state appellate courts, including amici appearances and petitions for certiorari before the United States and South Carolina Supreme Courts. In addition, Sowell Gray Robinson offers a number of other appellate services.

An attorney from Sowell Gray Robinson can join your team during or after trial to help with preserving issues for appeal or drafting post-trial motions. Sowell Gray Robinson can also arrange a panel of mock judges to review your briefs and put the attorney handling your appeal through the proverbial gauntlet to ensure he or she is ready for oral argument.

Whether we tried the case or retained thereafter, Sowell Gray Robinson’s appellate practice group has the skills and experience necessary to handle the appellate phase of any case in a way that is best calculated to achieve success.