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North Carolina Partisan Gerrymandering Cases

By Rob Tyson Earlier this month, a three-judge panel in two consolidated cases, issued a memorandum opinion denying the Defendants’ motion to dismiss.  In both cases, Common Cause v. Robert Rucho, and League of Women Voters v. Robert Rucho, Plaintiffs alleged North Carolina’s 2016 Congressional Redistricting Plan was unconstitutional because the districts were premised on […]

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Partisan Gerrymandering Case May Be Heard by Supreme Court

Last week, the State of Wisconsin filed an appeal with the United States Supreme Court requesting the Court overturn the ruling that struck down the Wisconsin legislative districts drawn after the 2010 census.  In Whitford v. Gill, the court held the legislative districts were unconstitutionally drawn.  The court utilized a mathematical analysis to support its […]

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US Supreme Court hears Two Redistricting Challenges

By Rob Tyson On December 5, the United States Supreme Court held hearings in McCrory v. Harris and Bethune-Hill v. Virginia State Board of Elections, two redistricting cases stemming from the drawing of congressional districts in North Carolina and state legislative districts in Virginia, respectively.  Historically, redistricting cases have been known to result in split […]

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Update on Voter Registration of Students living on-campus in Greenville County

By Rob Tyson Last month, several college students sued the Greenville County Office of Voter Registration and Elections challenging the County’s use of a questionnaire for persons seeking to register to vote using an on-campus address. Circuit Judge Robin Stillwell issued a temporary injunction ordering the County to cease from using the questionnaire. Greenville County […]

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Voting-Age Population in South Carolina

By Rob Tyson Browser not supported. Visit www.270towin.com Recently, the United States Census Bureau released information describing the voting age population per state.  The “Electorate Profiles: Selected Characteristics of the Citizen, 18 and Older Population” uses 2015 data from the American Community Survey.[1] In South Carolina, the population of 18 years and older totals approximately […]

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